Coke Studio – A New Dimension for Pakistan

Five years ago a voice rose from studio 146 Karachi and changed the sense of music completely not only in Pakistan but also in India and it made India realize that Bollywood music is the one out of bound. And the one and only man behind this magical creation was none other than the lead vocalist of the legendary Vital sign band Rohail Hyat.

This man along with his team saved the Pakistani music that was taking its last breath. Coke studio created such fusions and songs that nobody could think of. Who else can think of having rock singer Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh Ali khan in same song and yet on the other side collaborates the music of old and new Pakistani music. Pakistanis worldwide are proud of CS , after I read some of the comments on YouTube I was proud to see that some songs of coke studio Pakistan are played in Lu Apollo restaurant in the heart of Paris and some in general stores of USA and people ask that this music belongs to which country. And believe me as a Pakistani I feel proud to listen to these small comments and these things make me believe in my country more.

The most honoring comment our CS got was from director of Indian coke studio .

I picked up the phone and called Rohail
Hyatt, to get his blessings before starting
our own Coke Studio,” says Swamy. “Rohail
is a genius, but no producer in India would
ever dedicate themselves to one project
with so many opportunities present

I think this is truly a moment if proud for us. And another amazing fact about CS Pakistan is that in previous 5 years 25% of Google searches in India was about coke studio Pakistan. 25% seems to be a small number but believe me that it is approximately near 1 billion. After the mind blowing success of Pakistani coke studio India also launched its coke studio but in spite of having 12 music directors at a time it was a utter disappointment and let down. If india cant produce different music in spite of having 40 music schools and 1.3bilion population then it a shame for them . Sorry India but this time we are ahead.

Reasons of failure of coke studio INDIA

The reasons I can think of India’s failure in spite of having so much talent is Bollywood. Yes the Bollywood is now a days a major music industry as well and it demands nothing irregular of the flow. So India’s coke studio mostly is a matter of finance not of true music. And specially Indian people have not that caliber to just deviate from Dhoom dharaka songs to true music. The financiers are not interested in investing and those who are,they just want profit from it as quickly as possible.

Final Words

As it is in the nature of Pakistani nation that we never honor the great talent and industry we have. First we destroyed our great film industry and then almost took our music to grave so I think Coke Studio is the last hope of Pakistani industry’s survival. So lets pray to Allah for revival. Stay tuned for more.

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