Celebrities Preference: 10 Top Jewelry Brands

Which Are Top Jewelry Brands?

“Human body is the best part of art” as Jess C. Scott said. If you are not a gay, you will definitely be going to decorate yourself in a stylish, unique, trendy way. Women love to shop every time they get a chance. They are more interested in their own clothes, shoes, perfumes, and jewelry items; all branded.

Jewelry is a small decorative part designed and styled for different body parts like hands, fingers, neck, ankle and ear, etc. It makes women’s look complete. Jewelry can be categorized in a variety of list on the basis of type of material used in it, but we will not go in depth of all these as we are more concerned about top jewelry brands.

Sonja Henie wordings “Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles” describe the importance of jewelry. If you want yourself to look formal yet simple, try wearing watches, rings, and pendants, it will give you a decent look.

Let’s check out the top jewelry brands which are offering their best products.

10) Chopard

Chopard 10 a

Chopard is one of the most renowned brands which started their work from fine and unique watches then provide their customers with accessories as well. It is a Swiss based private company offering you with their online website and shopping cart.

9) Buccelatti

Buccelatti 9 a

Buccelatti comes in 9th rank from top 10 listing of jewelry brands. This brand comes in combination of two previous brands, Mario Buccelatti and Gianmaria Buccelatti and designing stylish and unique Italy watches and accessories in gold and silver.

8) Bvlgari

Bvlgari 8a

Bvlgari is an Italy based brand exposing variety of products including watches, jewelry accessories, hotels, etc. They are working in real gems and gold to provide their best. You can check their stylish luxurious products on its online website.

7) Piaget

Piaget 7a

Piaget is considered to be in the 7th rank as it dealt in fine and pure jewelry items of Swiss. Their stores are available in different countries servicing their customers. They mainly deal in watches.

6) Harry Winston

Harry Winston 6a

Harry Winston is an American based and one of the top jewelry brands dealing their customers in different countries including Chicago, Singapore and Paris, etc. They are dealing in luxurious, trendy and pure quality gems.

5) Tiffany

Tiffany 5b

Tiffany is one of the finest brands which come in 5th rank. They deal in men’s, women’s and even children’s wear items. Jewelry is defined, clear and shiny with stones and pure material.

4) Van clef & Arpels

Van clef & Arpels 4b

It also comes in a combination of Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Clef. This brings you with trendy flowers and animal motifs in their jewelry. Their variety of shiny and dull gold jewels matters, when it comes to simple and formal jewelry.

3) Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile jewelry 3b

Blue Nile jewelry provides you with real diamond world, offering you a complete package of all time wear or formal wear jewelry. Their online website as well as other social networks is available to serve you.

2) Mikimoto

Mikimoto 2a

Mikimoto finds its place in 2nd rank from top 10 listing of jewelry brands. Their purity is clear by their jewelry products as these are shiny, bold, different and elegant in its look.

1) Cartier

Cartier 1a

Yes! Cartier wins by holding 1st rank. It is the top most expensive jewelry brands, but has a stock of elegant jewelry. They are experienced in designing and styling jewelry keeping women’s requirements in mind. They use stones, metals and innovative designs.

These were the top 10 ranking list of jewelry brands. You can check their products on their official websites.

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