Car Accident: David Beckham And Son Are Alright

David Beckham And Son Car Accident

Celebrities have been the main focusing point of today’s media. Everything personal in their lives is no more personal now. They get captured wherever they have been in. so, I also have news for you all about some an English footballer who get retired, but still considered as a part of football.

David Beckham Kids

Yes! I am talking about no one else, but David Beckham who is one of the person who is still recognizable throughout the world. He born in London and married Victoria Beckham. The couple gave rise to four children named Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, Cruz David Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, and Harper Seven Beckham.

David Beckham And Son Car Accident 2

Recently, it has been in the headlines that David Beckham and his son Brooklyn Joseph Beckham got a car accident. It happened when David picked up his son from his training ground, where his son was playing against Arsenal’s under 16 on Saturday morning. His son is a teenager where David is 39. They both have seen in a shaken state of mind after getting into this car accident. They have got some serious injury while getting airbags on their car. News is all around that David has got his shoulder damage.

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Brooklyn, who was totally growing up in his field and has many long-term plans, is now in a shocking state of mind as this was an unexpected pranging for both of them. His team and fans is now waiting for him to shine again and rejoin them soon.

Thomas Cadmon, who also played under 16s posted on twitter that:

“It’s Weird to play against Brooklyn Beckham earlier, even weirder to be currently stuck behind David Beckham as he has crashed his car.”

Victoria Beckham says;

via some close exposures told that his husband and son were totally shaken and disturbed after having that much loaded prang on high speed car but everyone is safe which is the most important part for her.

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