Buy Online From AliExpress Without PayPal or Credit Card

You land on this page because you are interested to buy something from AliExpress but don’t have PayPal, your credit card not working or may be you simply have no idea about online payments. This article is benefited more for users from countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Lebanon and Korea etc. where PayPal is not supported. And I think there is no need to introduce Aliexpress (Alibaba Group – The biggest China based online shopping website) right ?

What I can buy from AliExpress ?

You can buy almost anything from Clothing, Mobile phones, Laptop, Jewelery etc. to Automobile and many more. You may be amazed but Women clothing at AliExpress start from as low as US $0.52 per piece, Men’s Watches from US $0.56 / piece and Mobile Phones as low as US $14.99. Yes, you read all right !!

So, how I can buy from AliExpress and Pay ?

Well if you don’t have PayPal or Credit Card you can pay via WebMoney and buy anything without any kind of verification and with lowest payment processing fee. You can get Free account from if you don’t have already. After that you can load money to your webmoney account using some exchange service like Pay Exchanger and you can pay to exchange using local payments options like Bank transfer, Western Union etc.

pay for me on aliexpress

Pay Exchanger also offer “Pay For Me” service, by using this service you just pay them via different payments option available on their website and they can pay for you at AliExpress for your products.

How it works ?

Just few simple steps you need to follow.

  1. Submit order at Pay Exchange if you want to buy anything
  2. You will get reply with all details
  3. Get money loaded on your WebMoney account or let them pay for you direct on Aliexpress
  4. All done !!

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