Bushra Ansari Family – A Young Appearing Woman

Bushra Ansari Biography

Many people said that Bushra Ansari Family is television industry. Bushra Ansari is the famous well known personality in the industry of Pakistani media. She was born in the year of 1950’s. She was the son of famous Journalist writer Ahmed Bashir. She appeared on television as a child artist in 1960’s. She is considered as an actor, comedian, host, presenter, writer and model as well. Finally she takes acting as her career and proved herself in industry. She completed her school from lady Griffin School and completed her intermediate from Lahore College of Women University and received B.A degree from Rawalpindi a city of Pakistan.

Bushra Ansari on a show 'Brunch with Bushra'

Bushra on a show ‘Brunch with Bushra’

Bushra Ansari mother

Bushra’s mother ‘Asmara’

Bushra Ansari sister Asma Abbas

Bushra’s sister ‘Asma Abbas’

Bushra Ansari Wedding

The life of Bushra is simple and devoting to her family. She got married in 1978 with a person named Iqbal Ansari who was a famous TV producer of all time. Then they got successfully two daughters. BA always gives their children freedom for what they want to do in their life. She is a loving and caring wife as well a mother. She loved her family and spends a lot of time with them.

Bushra Ansari Husband Iqbal Ansari

Bushra’s husband ‘Iqbal Ansari’

Bushra Ansari with her grandson

Bushra with her grandson

Bushra Ansari daughter and grandson

Bushra’s daughter and grandson

Bushra Ansari Daughter 'Meera Ansari'

Bushra’s daughter ‘Meera Ansari’

Bushra Ansari daughter and Son in Law

Bushra’s Daughter and Son in Law

Bushra Ansari Showbiz Career

Bushra first appears as a child artist in 1960’s. She has done many successful and top favorite plays in his career. Her plays was Fifty Fifty, Angaan Teerha, Show Time, Show Shaa and lot more. Her first acting role in a drama was in the production of her husband Iqbal Ansari which was on aired on PTV. Bushra has lot more phases of life and she travels all phases successfully.

Shaan Ki Lazzat Bushra Kay Saath

Bushra on a cooking show ‘Shaan Ki Lazzat Bushra Kay Saath’

Bushra Ansari on Bol premier with Sarwat Gilani

Bushra on ‘Bol’ movie premier with an actress ‘Sarwat Gilani’

Bushra Ansari News Stories

She also performed as a model in her career. In the year of 1980’s she performed as an model and also appeared in an advertising campaign with her daughter for Diapers in 2009. She also did a music video for a singer name Amanat Ali. She also writes a serials including Neeli Dhoop which was her first script after that Makaan, kucch dil ne kaha and many others. Bushra has also achieved many awards like women achievement award, Pride of performance award and several other awards from different part of the world.

Bushra with lux style award 'The Best actress of 2012'

Bushra with lux style award ‘The Best actress of 2012’

Bushra Ansari Interview

Bushra Ansari Family proud on her because she managed her career as well as her family. She never gives a chance to her family for accusing not giving time. In an interview her first priority is family then her career because she loves her family. She inspires Moin Akhter as a colleague or as an actor she enjoyed working with this legend. She feel proud on getting such a unusual and huge importance from their fans response.

Bushra Ansari on Losse Talk with Anwar Maqsood

Bushra on Losse Talk with ‘Anwar Maqsood’

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