Brand Conscious Mind Goes with Labels – Not Quality?

‘But Joseph it is demand of today’s era. Are you a brand conscious? Don’t you want that your wife and children look unique in front of society and have good impression of wearing branded things in the society they live?

Well, these days such types of arguments are incredibly common in our surroundings, in our home, and so called society. When I was assigned this topic the first thing clicked my mind was that whether I am brand conscious also or not? Anything or any name which becomes popular in our society is given the name of some exclusive ‘Brand’. Due to increased social encounter, people are becoming highly brand conscious. Eventually people run after a tag or title of some renowned name or title or some famous brand. May be the concept of brand consciousness is good for marketing but when it mingles with behavioral patterns then it creates serious type of problems.

Brand Conscious Mind GoesNow a days, even mothers want t buy branded things, branded lipsticks, clothes, and branded soap for their bathes. Well this craziness is really funny to think even…! But this rapidly increasing trend has increased the number of abnormal behaviors and complexities in married relations as well as in youth lives among the people of not only Pakistan but the whole world because it is a globally expanding phenomenon.

Actual Sense of Brand Consciousness

Before discussing it further we should know the actual sense of brand consciousness. Brand consciousness aims to create uniqueness in society from our lower class or mediocre so that the audience get awareness on what to use according  to their needs and resources. The penetrating effect of brand consciousness could be minimized by creating awareness in our generation by promoting the true values of any good society.

Research has shown that in the race of brands, people have forgot their budgets which is causing marriages to get divorces, lack of confidence, lack of decision taking power, anxiety, pride, social insecurity and many other problems.

Love to Being Branded or Being with Relations

These days brands are influencing the minds of people. In the past, ladies were so conscious about their budgets that never ever even thought about spending too much money beyond their limits of budgets on necessities but scenario is totally opposite.

At the end, I just want to ask my readers that is it showoff or our inner satisfaction of buying branded things always? Because for a mediocre or high class person, time on an unbranded wrist watch or on branded watch is the same.

We should be conscious about our husbands, brothers, fathers and all earning sources who spend their whole day in fetching money to meet our needs which we have made so expensive for them that 80% of males are suffering high blood pressure disease due to this sternous hectic routine of earning money and just money!

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