Bonanza Pakistan For Men – ‘It Has Stood For Providing Quality Wear’

Bonanza Pakistan for men and all began in 1976, by Mr. Haji Haroon Bilwani and Mr. Hanif Bilwani, in an era when readymade clothes were not the “In” thing. Bonanza Garments started at a small scale and has risen to empire status. Over successive generations they have gained trust and popularity amongst a wide range of customers in Pakistan and beyond. They carry both eastern and western styles and are trend setters, being one of the most imitated companies nationwide. Bonanza Men’s apparel has set the bar high by providing quality products and customer services at affordable prices.

1. Catalogue Page 16

bonanza for men Page 16   1

Image description: From Bonanzas Formal menswear collection 13. With white and grey stripes, pointed collar and cuffs. Paired with contrasting tie and black trousers it exudes confidence and sophistication, a definite must have for a man on the go.

2. Catalogue Page 17

bonanza for men Page 17   2

Image Description: This shirt with alternating blue, grey and white stripes, is simple yet elegant and is a true slash between class and comfort. From Bonanza’s Premium
Shirt collection 2013.

3. Catalogue Page 18 and 19

bonanza for men Page 18 and 19   3

Image Description: A classic piece of art, in light shades of pink, white and blue. With pointed collar, cuffed sleeves and paired with coordinating tie as showcased by Fawad Khan. From premium shirt collection 13.

4. Catalogue Page 20

bonanza for men Page 20  4

Image Description: Made with wrinkle free, high quality material with bronze collar, placed in premium shirts only. With flexibility to be worn at all occasions. Designed by the best, for the best.

5. Catalogue Page 21

Bonanza for men Page 21   5

Image Description: With alternating white and sky blue stripes, this shirt is exemplary of the effort, dedication and thought put into each design, resulting in a product which is durable and decent, colorful and sober ,classic and contemporary all wrapped in one, at a reasonable price.

6. Catalogue Page 22

Bonanza for men Page 22  6

Image Description: Simplicity speaks for itself, two similar colored shirts but designed differently giving a distinctly different impression altogether; The world is how You see it. From Bonanza’s Premium shirt collection.

7. Catalogue Page 23

bonanza for men Page 23   7

Image Description: From the 13 premium shirt collection, a white shirt with pink striped lining around collar and cuffs, also with a slight touch of black thread work in contrast to uplift the overall effect to give a graceful and soft look.

8. Catalogue Page 52 and 53

Bonanza for men Page 52 and 53    8

Image Description: From Bonanza casual apparel, 13. Realistically designed with both practicality and function in mind. It is what everyone aspires to be, Look of the generation.

9. Catalogue Page 54

Bonanza for men Page 54    9

Image Description: Black shirt, with dark pink lining around the neck and similar colored buttons. Along with white thread work surrounding the collar.Slim fit. Worn with coordinating brown trousers to give mysterious and alluring look.

10. Catalogue Page 46

Bonanza for men Page 46   10

Image Description: You see this shirt and three words come to mind,simple but smart and definitely practical. This shirt could easily become a favorite. Bonanza’s Men Apparel is available at all Bonanza outlets and a few select departmental stores. It’s unmatched quality, finesse and designs are reasons for its success.

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