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Bilal Lashari Biography

Bilal Lashari is a prominent figure, film director, and cinematographer of Pakistan showbiz Industry, well prominent figure in bollywood industry as well. People around the whole subcontinent like to know much about Bilal. He was the son of Kamran Lashari who had also been well prominent bureaucrat. His family is basically originated with Baloch Lashari cast. It is believed his fore father had shifted and settled down to Mazang some time back four hundred years. His grandfather had competed and elected for local municipal commissioner election two times in the year 1928 and 1930. Fateh Sher Road was named on his grandfather’s name. He had also been given honored by selecting honorary Magistrate under the British regime. It is further believed his family had constructed first building in the whole Mazang in 1919.

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Bilal Lashari Wedding

Bilal is a Pakistani film director and cinematographer. He was born in a Muslim Baloch Lashari family on August 4 at Lahore, Pakistan. He was brought up in a strict control atmosphere exactly in line with his father Kamran Lashari had received attention during his early time. His family had a very big house at Mazang and he was supposed to pass his early life in his own house. As per his family trend he had to devote and concentrate to his studies. It is believed he graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA, where he got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures and Television in 2008. He was given an award of Lux Style Award for the best Music Video Director. As we talk about his marriage, he is not married yet.

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Bilal Lashari Showbiz Career

Before entering into film industry, he started his career with directing music video and as a result of which he managed to win twice Lux Style Award and best pop video at MTV Pakistan, Music Video Pakistan for Sajni. Lashari has also briefly worked as assistant director for Shoaib Mansoor during pre-production of Khuda Kay Liye in 2004. Lashari’s introduction film, called Waar, which stars Pakistani stars Ali Azmat, Shaan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi, Misha Shafi and Aisha Khan, is considered to be the most predictable film in the history of Pakistan.

Bilal Lashari with Shamoon Abbasi and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Bilal with Shamoon Abbasi and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Bilal Lashari with Shaan Shahid

Bilal with Shaan Shahid

Bilal Lashari while shooting Waar movieBilal Lashari director of Waar movie

Bilal Lashari News Stories

It is very interesting and astonishing the fact that Bilal had come down to Pakistan in a relaxing mood during his summer vacation from film school. During this visit to Pakistan he happened to pay a visit seeing his friend Mahmood and Samir who were engaged at that time in releasing their first album in conjunction with Atif Aslam. At the site he came across with a young man named Atif Aslam, and kept talking about the production of video songs. No doubt this was a casual talk of doing something together; but this understanding led the beginning of new start of production of video songs of Bilal.

Bilal Lashari on a music video

Bilal Lashari Interview

In an interview when he was asked if TV viewer could see your work on TV? He spelled out his views by saying he is already have some idea for doing something for TV viewer; not in line with the way the people Pakistan are doing right now for Pakistan Television drama. It would totally different stuff, more or less same the film being produced at HBO channel. It would be something more long in line with American TV.

Bilal Lashari with Lux Style Award

Bilal with Lux Style Award

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