Best Ten Books on ‘The Status of Women In Islam’ – Sort By Relevance

The Status of Women in Islam is an important factor to be considered and to think over. Being a member of the Islamic society it is our duties to consider the basic fundamentals of the rights and duties of women. Islam has given women an important status; therefore she has to follow some rules and the tenants of Islam which it has defined in Qura’n. To understand it better here is a list of the top ten books, which will help you regarding the details.

1. Women and the Koran: The Status of Women in Islam

This is one of the great book which throws light on the status of women in Islam. This book discussed many aspects about the lives of the women in an Islamic world, which includes the aspects of the marriage of women according to the religious laws, it also discusses many other aspects that how they must dress while living in a Islamic society, how they should be seen in public, the association which they should have with the other people. The powerful chapters discuss woman’s right and in short it is a wonderful book.

Women and the Koran The Status of Women in Islam

2. Status of Women in Islam

This book attempts to make clarify the rights and duties of the women as a daughter, as a mother, as a wife, a citizen of the state and most importantly as an important element of the Islamic society. Men are responsible for giving every right to the woman. Moreover he is also responsible for help her to develop her capabilities to play a very important role in society. She has right to education as that of man, and to acquire education is her duty.

Status of Women in Islam

3. The Status of Women in Islam

Written by Yusuf Al Faraday his book seeks to make clear the status of women in Islam. In this book the content includes study of women in a society as a human being, there are many ground less misconceptions regarding the status of women which this book tries to clear in the light of Qura’n and Islam. This books discussion the role of women in society as daughter, wife, and mother.  Consists of 115 pages this is a must read book.

The Status of Women in Islam

4. Purdah and the Status of Woman in Islam

The founder of this book is Maulana Maududi and he is well known person in all over the India and Pakistan. Due to his recognized ideas and great knowledge regarding religion millions of people follow him and believed in his teaching, but due to his extreme ideas causes to create different parties like Talibanization. He has great potency to write and writing abilities, to find a perfect, reasonable and logical ideas I must say to study this book.

Purdah and the Status of Woman in Islam

5. Islam, Democracy and the Status of Women

This book depicted the relationship between religion, democracy and women’s society in Kuwait. In this book the women rights progress and equality in any field of life are justified. It also reflected upon the work force and educational rates for women in a society. This book also analyses about the status of women in politics and abilities of a women to challenge any problem in any field of life. So you should study this book to encourage women abilities.

Islam, Democracy and the Status of Women

6. Women: The Status Of Women In Islam, Hinduism, And Christianity

Written by Keren Soel this book described status of women in different religions and societies. For example an eye opening expeditions into the religion beliefs the different way of living of a women in three different societies. The style of wearing dresses, way of living, and working style of a women in comparison have been discussed.

Women The Status Of Women In Islam, Hinduism, And Christianity

7. Women in Islam and the Middle East: A Reader

Being written by Ruth Roded this book tells about the role of Middle East women in Islam. This book consists of history of people of first century. The classical period of Abbasids to Buyid amirs and new religious scene in East. The writer mentioned that Islam does not come once directly rather it crosses the different stages, and people of that time faces many problems in development of distinct Islamic religion. This book is very interesting for students and those who are interested in Islamic history, specially the professional mast consult this book for enhancement of their knowledge.

Women in Islam and the Middle East A Reader

8. Women in Islam: The Western Experience

Anne Sofie Roald is the writer of this excellent, informative and complex book. She mostly focuses on westernization of women, stages of religious  and cultural changes of women in western Muslim countries’ society matter a lot  and bring change in an individual at particular area due to colonialism and globalization likewise in Europe the Islamic perspective women living, way of dressing, communication with others, response to culture and Islamic attitudes towards social concerns are discussed in this book so this interesting book is must  read those who want to take a  critical and well informed look at the “ Women in Islam” issue.

Women in Islam The Western Experience

9. Purdah and the Status of Women in Islam

Abu (Abdul) A’la Maududi, founded the “Jamaat-e-Islam” political party in India Pakistan , write this book about the purdah and status of Women in Islam. This book contain the contents include the status of women  in different ages, concept of morality, tragic revolution, social system of Islam, injunctions for clothing and covering of nakedness, boundaries of men and  women, Mahram  relatives, and restraining the eye, covering the face. This is very attractive book and writer cover a lot of things in his book regarding women living in Islamic countries and he did a great effort to translate different English books to described important issues of women life in Islam. I guess from the logic points of Islamic perspectives; I considered this book to be a scholarly work.

Purdah and the Status of Women in Islam

10. Purdah and the Status of Woman in Islam

Written by Syed Abul A’ala Maududi, who was a Sunni Muslim of Pakistan. Syed who was a Muslim theologian, and he is the founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami political party in 1941 in Pakistan India. However this party became most powerful in Pakistan after independence. The book written by such an eminent author is worth reading, in which he has discussed several topics from Quran, he has also cited some Ayat, Haidth while cite Bukhari, Nasai, Muslim and Tirmizi. This book discusses the social system of Islam with reference to the women right and duties, which includes punishment of fornication, commandments of Purda, and divine laws for the movements of women. The author is much fundamentalist Muslim theologian.

Purdah and the Status of Woman in Islam

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