Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking – a Complete Guide

Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking was established with in the Bank Alfalah Limited in 2003 as a dedicated banking which would provide its services to the Islamic Shariah. This bank is meant to provide its best services to the customers, which would be according to the Islamic principles and Shariah complaints. The bank provides its financial solutions with the help of the dedicated and hardworking professional team and the introduction of the advanced technology. All the solutions which are provided by the bank are under the supervision of the Shariah Advisor.

This bank provides various financial solutions to the clients, one of most important thing which may not be known to many of the people or even few of the people may know only, the bank provides interest free car financing, if you are looking for your dream car, just apply for the finance and let your dreams come true without any constraint, and this kind of financing may not be provided by any of the other bank. The other important thing about the bank is that it provides profits on monthly basis to all your business accounts held by the clients, so in a short span of time you can earn profit if you have an account only with the Bank Alfalah Islamic banking. The monthly profits can be earned with the easy accessibility.

Including all the personal as well as the corporate banking, one of the most important services provided by the bank is that it provides family Takaful coverage for the protection and the security of your family. The personal banking includes keeping deposit accounts for the various terms, a wide range of the accounts which are all according to the Shariah compliant, these all are dedicate to customers so that they can enjoy the banking solutions by the bank.

The corporate banking also provides a wide range of services, which is aimed to finance the businesses and make them successful at its best. Well due to the rising demands there is a high level of the finances on many of the businesses, many businesses face shortfall in the cash flows, due to which they face a huge loss. The bank helps such kind of businesses at its best so as to save such business. For that reason the bank provides variety of finances, which ranges from short term and the long term working capital. This bank provides both the short term finances which range from 1 year to 5 years and the other long term loans which may be of more than ten years, all of them under the Shariah compliant. This gives the customer a peace and a satisfaction that the money he or she uses is being transacted according to the important tenants of Islam. All these operations which are conducted under the bank are supervised by a Shariah Advisor who keep an eye and review all the rules and regular of the bank, which are operated under the Shariah Law. Thus the bank provides its financial solution and really cares for the customer through its diversified branches across the country.

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