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The Bank AL Habib Limited is one of the popular banks that run by the Dawood Habib family group of corporations which is one of the rising banks in the country like Pakistan. Bank Al Habib limited was designated as one of the top two hundred Best under a Billion corporations by Forbes Asia in their yearly review of the year ‘05. The bank’s (HO) which is head office is situated in the cities of Pakistan like Multan and in Punjab, but its primary workplace is situated in the heart of Pakistan which is Karachi. Currently, the bank got the network of almost three hundred and sixty seven Branches including all the of Sub Branches & 3 offshores Banking Components in Turkey, EPZ and Bahrain. One more achievement or milestone accomplished by BAHL is that one hundred percentages of its branches are running online.

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The Bank Innovators

Entire Habib Group was innovators and the leaders in announcing banking to Pakistan. Their participation in banking facilities dates back to the year of ‘30s. They efficaciously propelled HBL Pakistan, which was also publicly owned in the year 1971 and is still it is one of the biggest and the largest banks in the country of Pakistan; since the year 2002 it has been cooperatively owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development and with the government. After the privatization or nationalizing structure pronounced in the year ‘91 by the Pakistani Government, Habib Group was the 1st one to be decided authorization to begin a personal or private bank, the Bank AL Habib Limited.

The latest sub branch or division was further added to the network is now working in Akbar Bazar, which is in Sheikhupura, actual June in the month of June 20th, and year 2012.

Bank AL Habib is one of the 11th associates of very much popular one-Link or 1-Link system, an inter-bank ATM distribution system which permits clienteles to manage on ATM of any companion bank. Bank AL Habib is the 3rd biggest ATM facility breadwinner in the country like Pakistan, who is having one hundred and eighty eight ATMs although having the biggest No. of ATMs in the city Karachi.

Bank AL Habib Limited in association with the very famous Arab Financial Facilities offers 2 kinds of MasterCard’s.

Bank Al Habib Limited Branches

The Bank has major role to play in Pakistan. All the famous and well establish cities of Pakistan contain the branches of the bank. There are number of divisions available the following cities;

  • Lahore having 31 branches
  • Karachi with 92 branches
  • Multan has 10 branches
  • Faisalabad has around four branches but they also have Islamic banking facility
  • Islamabad and Hyderabad both are having same number of branches that’s four.

Habib Bank Limited Internet Banking

Internet banking system is the best way via which you may accomplish your investments on your agenda – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in short 24/7. AL Habib Internet Banking is relaxed to practice which is totally safe – and permits you to accomplish your currency where and when it suits you.

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