Bad Timing – Story of a Student

It was 15th Feb 2013 when bad luck knocked alia’s door. YEAH… That day, her result was announced and unfortunately she got failed in her professional exam. It was so unexpected for her and her parents as well. Nobody was believing her awful luck regarding that result.

She cried that day really but decided that to be her last day of crying over her result. Somebody said that when hard luck starts then person is rejected from every side.Yes,its true.When Allah tests somebody then that is hard luck in other words… and obviously then whole universe is seemed to be against you..


Well Aliya was a hopeful girl she was not disappointed beyond repair and decided to take another chance. On the very next day she started studying again on full peak and with full effort seeking help from ALLAH.As she was a boarder so she went back to hostel. In starting it was too much painful for her to face her class fellows teachers and colleagues. She was so much depressed that she kept silent all time, her friends were also shocked to see her in this terrible mental state but later on they encouraged her to come out of room again and to interact with her class fellows.

Aliya was actually a topper of her class once and even this time all were expecting her to pass with incredibly good marks but her result was not so as expected by all. Well her parents forced her for giving application for rechecking. She applied for rechecking. But kept studying as well.Everything was getting smooth but Aliyas health was going down day by day.

Dark circles, pale complexion,a confused and dishearted girl all day sitting on her bed in her room, not even talking much to roommates just kept studying and studying all time. Not only her parents but her friends were also getting worried after noticing her bad health. But no one was able to reduce her tension as she was not getting rid of that she was not talking to any body regarding her feelings, she was not sharing her depression but only taking that quietly depicting herself very strong.

It was 7th April she woke up early in morning and offered Fajr after that opened her book and started studying again. That day her body tone was like seeming too weak and her face color was also getting more pale than before. AT 9 am her roommate also woke up and asked her for breakfast but she refused and said that I am not feeling good. My heart beat is getting too fast. Her friend consoled her and suggested her to take little rest.

At lunch time her roommate went out to mess for taking lunch. When she came back to room she found Aliya in faint position on floor. Without wasting a single moment she called hospital and on ambulance took her to the nearest hospital. There in hospital Aliyas parents came. Aliya was shifted to ICU and doctors told her parents that she got heart attack and is not in good health. It was a terrible news for them.Doctors gave 24 hours as critical time for her. The next day Aliya condition got worst she was not recovering. It was all due to hypertension.On the same say at 3 PM Aliyas father got a call from the rechecking department.

SIR there is a good news for you. Your daughters rechecking result is pass.She has got first division and good marks.

Aliyas father got astonished to listen because his daughter was inside ICU just because of bad result stress. Almost after 30 mins Aliya mother came to her father weeping bitterly and saying repeatedly… Please please try to do something Aliya is not in good state. Doctors have refused to do any other treatment no and Aliya died that day.