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Askari Bank Limited previously very much famous and known as Askari Commercial Bank was assimilated in Pakistan on the month of October 9, in the year 91, like a Public Limited Company. Askari bank is the only bank in the world which is being running by an army; helping Adjutant General of Army of Pakistan actuality head of the Board of Committees. It all started their processes on the month of April 1st, in the year 92. The bank predominantly deals with the world of banking, as demarcated in the Banking Companies Ordinance, in the year of 1962. The Bank is registered on the following cities like Karachi, Islamabad Stock Exchanges and Lahore.

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Branches of Askari Bank Limited

Askari Bank has been long-drawn-out into a network of almost two hundred forty five divisions or branches instead, as well as thirty one devoted to Islamic banking subdivisions, and a wholesale bank branch available in Bahrain. A collective network of four thousand one hundred and seventy three online ATMs including all main metropolises in Pakistan supports and cares the distribution stations for client facility.

Askari Bank has attained the deliberate growth in corporate and processes during the year of ‘09. The total number of possessions or the assets of the Bank amounted to just Rupees. 253 billion as at the month of Dec 31st, 2009, record-keeping an upsurge of twenty three % percentages over the month of Dec 31st, 2008.Client payments touched Rupees 205 billion by the month of Dec 31st, ‘09, an upsurge of twenty three percentages over the month of December 31, 2008.

Askari Bank Limited has also been awarded as the Asian Banker, twice as the best retail bank in Pakistan in the year of 2004 and 2005. This Bank also has been given the title of the best consumer internet bank which was honored by Global Finance magazine for the years ‘02 and ‘03. Askari bank has huge list to provide services just like customer banking which have includes personal finance, mortgage, Askari debit card and master card. Islamic banking from Askari bank has following things to provide like in the chart below.

Askari Bank Services Agriculture Banking System
Deposit Schemes Kissan Farm Mechanization Finance
Declared Weight Ages Kissan Tractor Finance
Ijarah Bi Sayyarah Kissan Aabpashi Finance
Profit Rates Kissan Evergreen Finance
Home Musharakah Kissan Livestock Development Finance

Askari agriculture banking system has much to do for Kissan people. The services that they are providing in terms of help to grow. Following are facilities like in the chart above.

Substitute Distribution Channels/Modes

Every bank provides few channels that are tools for delivery of transactions let’s have a look at the channels provided by Askari;

  • ATM
  • I-Net banking
  • Call center

Askari Bank Internet Banking

Internet baking of Askari is one of the best and well known nowadays. To use internet banking or I-Net banking of Askari, you have to sign up Askari account holder with legal either visa or debit card. If anybody of you does not have any account, do visit the most nearest branch of Askari bank and open your account in order to get Visa Debit Card.


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