Aman Ki Asha Platform Established for Peace – Need or Hypocrisy?

Pakistan and India are rivals from 1947 and tension between two countries varied with time. Up till now 3 wars were fought between them and by the grace of Allah Pakistan won 2 and 1 goes undeclared. Every government of Pakistan tried to resolve the issues between the countries and many agreements were signed such as Lahore act and Shimla,but India was always the first one to broke It.

What is Aman ki Asha?

Approximately 4 years ago a new platform was created by Jang Group and Times of India to establish peace and table talk between India and Pakistan. Many important people of both sides were brought together to make this platform an important one. Many entertainment shows and publicity shows were held to take this platform to a new level.

Aman Ki Asha - Pakistan India Peace

My concern

From the beginning of Aman ki Asha there is a lot of transferring and trading between both countries,but one thing which always strikes my mind is that why are we the only one to compromise and take the thing back on track.If we have signed a peace agreement both the participants should be treated on equal basis. Why we are the only one to free the prisoners and why Geo TV always does the publicity and persuade people to act upon it. Is this a plot of our enemies? Are we so much mesmerized by the small toys given to us by other nations that we are not looking upon big picture? Is India capable for the title of The Most favorite nation.
Why we are the only one to attempt cease fire? Are the Indian dramas on aired on Geo TV are a part of agreement of Aman Ki Asha?

Trade Between India and Pakistan

Trade between India and Pakistan has always been a topic of constant discussion. As both countries are major countries of the world they are also an important market both have their own specialty and goods to offer. Aman Ki Asha also tried to increase the trade between two countries and also up to very much extent got their target. But if we look up to the figures of trades done between two countries I have no doubt in saying that India is the one always in benefit. According to official figures both the countries during 2000-2001, had exchanged goods worth $293.74 million through official channels. Out of this Pakistan exported goods having a value of $55.41 million and imported goods worth $238.33 million from India.(In million US$)

Year Imports Exports Balance

1996-97 204.70 36.23 -168.47
1997-98 154.53 90.57 -63.98
1998-99 145.85 173.66 28.81
1999-90 127.38 53.84 -73.74
2000-01 238.33 55.41 -182.92
Source: Foreign Trade Pattern of Pakistan, KCCI.

Aman Ki Asha - Pakistan India Friendship

Pakistan mostly imports Pan leaves and masalas(ingredients) from Pakistan. But instead of keeping balance in the trade the dis balance in import and export is increasing.

Due to dis balance in the import export between india pakistan the value of pk rupees is decreasing day by day and Pakistan is exporting those items which it already has.

Says Ex Chairman SARAC

Trade Between Baluchistan and India

Pakistan always questioned India about her interference in Baluchistan region and India always denied about having any of her interest in that region but I see the graphs India is mostly interested in trade with Baluchistan.

Zaheer Ahmed, secretary, Baluchistan
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the
volume of dry fruits and herbs export to India
stood around $400 million annually.

Now after too much terrorism activities in Baluchistan that trade was closed.

Television Industry

In past 5 to 6 years our television industry has flourished beyond imagination and our viewers came out of the charm of the star plus and other Indian channels which only promote expensive houses,sarees, jewelry and plastic surgeries. But after the arrival of Aman Ki Asha many TV reality shows were on aired on Geo with collaboration with Indian channels such as colors and star plus. But these collaboration agreement. also include many conditions which include on-airing of Indian dramas on a Pakistani channel. At this time Geo tv is on airing 3 Indian dramas and one of them in prime time. I just want to say to so called Pakistani channel Geo that Geo Pakistani Ban K Geo.

Aman Ki Asha - Pakistan India Border

Do we really need Aman ki Asha?

In my opinion we really dont need this platform. Firstly I dont think we need friendship with a country which every years floods our rivers and kill thousands of people. A country which every year send hundreds of RAW agents to our country and spreads terrorism. A country which call herself the biggest democratic country in the world slaughter thousands of Muslim every year in Kashmir and India. Those Hindus which no one can trust and are quoted as “bagal main churi moun main ram ram” I don’t think are capable of giving the title of most favorite nation.

Our Superiority

Pakistan has world’s bravest army as we know it. We have no 1 intelligence agency in the world named ISI. We are world’s first Muslim nuclear power. We have world’s best pilots and soldiers. We have world’s best canal system. We have world class brains . All we need is spirit,selflessness and a little bit of guidance in the right direction.

Ending Note

My point of opinion is that if we have little bit of Ghairaat in us, on no condition we should promote Aman ki Asha.

Until next time this is Hamza Mujahid signing off.