Agriculture Development Banks of Pakistan – Only Zarai Taraqiati?

One of the best agriculture development banks of Pakistan helps farming community in delivering financial products and technical support on competitive basis and it strives its best to provide services on sustainable basis. The aim of this bank is to provide its services in the most convenient way, so that it could be easy for the farmers to get and avail these opportunities. More over it also helps to provide services in most efficient and professional way. The provision of the services in this manner leads to the success of the bank in provision of the services and it leads to the success of the customers as well, who get the benefit of the services at its best.

 Agriculture Development Banks of Pakistan, Zarai Taraqiati Bank

Is There Only One Bank of Agriculture Development?

In Pakistan the only agriculture bank is Zarai Taraqiati bank which was once called Agriculture Development Bank. It provides well satisfactory services to the various classes of the farmers at reliable costs. It provides both the financial and the technical services through its different projects. Many of the schemes have been introduced by the agriculture development bank of Pakistan, which includes deposit schemes, some new schemes which include Shamsi Tawanai, Tawanai Bachat, Khawateen Rozgar, and Asaan Qarza. Moreover some other services include treasury operations, locker facilities to the customers, utility bills services and home remittances. These services have been utilized by the customers across Pakistan and the customers have been beneficiaries of the projects.

Main Schemes of Zarai Taraqiati Bank

As far as the main schemes of the bank are concern there are two main schemes which have been introduced by the bank. They include Sada Bahar Scheme and the other is One Window Operation which is also called Zarkhaiz Scheme. Sada Bahar is aim to facilitate the farmers in provision of the agriculture inputs which include seed, fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides, and the labor charges. Including all others the Sada Bahar Scheme helps in provision of the working capital for dairy, poultry and fishery for the interested borrowers.

However the one window Operation fulfills the credit needs of the farmers at their doorsteps. It is an easy way to get agri. Pass Books. This scheme is more efficient in a way that it helps to complete formalities from the issuance of agro.pass book to processing of loan in a very short span of time. Along with these schemes the bank provides cultivation guides which include guide for the wheat cultivation, cultivation guide of sugar, cotton, and corn. All these guides are provided under individual heads, and in the most efficient way.

Agriculture Development Banks of Pakistan

The Bank Objective To Enhance Business Activities

The objective of the bank also includes schemes to enhance business activities, enhancing dairy farming, and introducing bio-gas unites. The other more important thing is in introducing the latest machinery in the agriculture sectors which results in better production and a high scale of production because lack of technical advancement is a hindrance in the efficient production of agriculture sector.

In a nutshell ZTBL i.e. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited being the sole agriculture development bank in Pakistan has played a very important role in the advancement of the technology in the agricultural sector of Pakistan. Moreover Pakistan being agri-based country has an immense requirement to make its agriculture sector efficient.

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