Adeel Hussain Biography – Prefers Loyality More Than Gracefulness

Adeel Hussain Biography

Adeel Hussain is one of the amazing talents in the showbiz industry of Pakistan. He entered in the industry of showbiz in the late 1990’s and worked hard to be at the stage of success. From the beginning he was confident on his vocals and always wanted to become radio jockey, a VJ or a director but due to his supporting colleagues he got his first breakthrough against Zeba Bakhtiar in Pyar Ki Khushboo in which he plays a small role but that was quite enough to enter in the industry. Man of his friend calls Adii which is his nick name. In the starting of his career he used to perform on radio at channel FM 89. By profession he is an actor, an anchor and last but least a designer.

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Adeel Hussain Wedding

According to his personal life, he is still single and yet not chooses her soul mate but according to his thinking his ideal soul mate would be a whole package and most importantly good by nature. Adeel said, only honest and loyal women can win his heart. The whole career of Adeel was full of hard work this is the main reason Adeel has not married yet. Adeel has a lovely nature and her best friend is Amina Sheikh who is also a super star of drama industry.

Adeel Hussain wwith Aamina Sheikh

Adeel with Aamina Sheikh

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Adeel Hussain Showbiz Career

There are lot of people who noticed this amazing personality in Drama serial Daam but his first serial was on aired in the year of 1990’s. In the late 90’s he used to perform in a breakfast morning show through radio channel FM 89, later on he came on many advertisements, music videos, tele films and others. Mostly people don’t aware about his off camera abilities, besides an actor he is a good designer, director and artist too. He is one of the true artists of Pakistan; we should appreciate her skills and dedication to the showbiz industry of Pakistan.

Adeel Hussain with Mikaal Zulfiqar

Adeel with Mikaal Zulfiqar

Adeel Hussain with Imran Abbas and Sanam Baloch

Adeel with Imran Abbas and Sanam Baloch

Adeel Hussain with Mahira Khan

Adeel with Mahira Khan

Adeel Hussain with Imran Abbas and Aamina Sheikh

Adeel Hussain News Stories

He has a multitalented personality, he used to write, interested in making documentaries, art of taking photographs and last but not the least he is a good actor. He has a visual content creation company which is named as Vizor which was established to showcase his photography skills videography and his art of direction. Recently he is working on making a documentary titled as Karachi football league in which they focused the slums areas of Pakistan. Now wait for his creativity to enjoy you free time.

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Adeel Hussain Interview

In an interview he said his best co-star or friend is Amina Sheikh; he loves to hang out with friends. He also appreciates the working skills of Syra Yousuf because he worked with her in Mera Naseeb. He has very busy schedule and he doesn’t believe in wasting time, he tries to do everything in his spare time so that he could make his precious time valuable. According to Adeel Hussain he loves to work as an actor but direction is also an interesting part of his life, though he loves to work. Adeel Hussain is a true talent of Pakistan.

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