8 Bad Eating Habits That Make You Fat

I have read many articles on How to loose weight? But today I decided to write on a topic that is about our those bad eating habits which make us fat and we do not even know. Many of us though do not eat much, do walk even daily but still are fat. So today I will try to explore few of those habits which make us fat.

1. LACK OF SLEEP: Sleep deprivation can increase your risk of obesity by boosting ghrelin (an appetite stimulating hormone) and lowering leptin (an appetite suppressor). The link between sleep deprivation and obesity is strongest in adults and young people. Such type of sleep alterations can make you obese by disturbing endocrine system of your body.Even single night sleep alteration can disturb your GIT system.


2. WATCHING TV AND USING COMPUTER: Today life has stopped and jammed due to computers and electronic media. Our generation is now dependent on laptop computers,mobiles and TV and exercises or manual work has decreased. Due to this we are becoming fat as well as no physical exercise is done while using or watching all this stuff. Above every mention things, now we have preferred e-shopping whether we feel thirsty, simply go to a relevant web and order for that. That’s a big saddo! What all this is? It is obvious one of a bad eating habits.

3. EATING TOO FAST: It is a habit of most people living in a hectic paced society .Fast eaters apparently consume more calories. Eating fast lets you eat too much before you are fully aware of it.The mechanism is that fast eaters are ahead of the signals the stomach sends to brain to indicate fullness.


4. UNAWARENESS OF CALORIES: Many people eat with no idea of the calorie or fat value in the contents of that food they are eating.This leads them to gain their weight because you can easily consume twice the normal amount of calorie you require according to your age and weight.

5. PASSION FOR FAST FOOD: One of the biggest problem we are facing in our society is fast food.We are too stressed and depressed in our daily busy life that do not get time to prepare or cook healthy food at our own homes for our children and ourselves.We prefer to eat pizzas and burgers rather than to cook boiled rice with chicken jalfrezi or any vegetable food. Fast food contains rich contents of saturated fats and lipids causing us to get bulky and obese so soon .

6. EATING TO MANAGE MOOD AND FEELINGS: Emotional eating is the practice of consuming large quantities of food in response to our mood swings and feelings such as anxiety, happiness, loneliness. It is estimated that over 75% of overeating is caused by emotions.

7. LACK OF EXERCISE: People live a more artificial lifestyle than we have in past generations, yet our minds seem to be racing from everything we have to do. Unfortunately in all this exercise is neglected. One point should be kept in mind that if you walk after eating so your this step of about 5 minutes will help to digest food and keep your body fit.

8. SKIPPING MEALS: Yes! It might sound weird to a regular person, but it is true that skipping meal can actually make you fat.People who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Obesity specialists say that skipping meals of any kind results in a shifts or sessions of compensatory hunger. This may cause you to eat more as compare to usual routine bad eating habits.

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