7 Time Management Tips – Key to Success

7 Time Management Tips – Key to Success

Time management is a process of planning and controlling the amount of time on specific activities in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean you must follow a strict schedule. In simple words it is a technique by which you manage you time in a productive way.

In our busy life schedule manage our time may be tough task. Time management tips plays a key role in your success. Before understanding time management, it is really important to understand the worth of the time. Managing time is a secondary issue; primary issue is to understand the worth of time. People didn’t understand even felt that they are wasting their time. Money has worth, so we thought where we are going to use this money? What is the best use of this money? How do we get more benefits from this money? Similarly, we should realize the importance of time. Before managing your time, you must realize the worth of your time and your life. Life is a gift from God, you must utilize it in a productive way. That must be a way of thanking God for this precious gift. Nature gives every human 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. Successful persons give their best in their 24 hours, which is the key to their success. They never get tired because they know about the worth of their time. They tried to make count of every second of their life. Researcher conclude that time management plays an important role in your life to be successful.

Time management tips - Key to success

7 Time management skills & tips

1. Realize the worth of time

Time is our most precious resource.You should realize the worth of time. Just sit in your room and keep eyes on your wall clock, ask yourself will every second that pass come back in your life? The answer will be a big NO. So, you should make count of every second of your life. Those who realize the worth of time didn’t regret on their past.

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2. Identify the hurdles

Why you can’t manage your time? You must analyze your routine to identify the hurdles in managing your time. These hurdles differ from person to person. Every person has its own social circle, society, religion, norms etc., therefore, their problems and hurdles in managing time will be different. May be someone has time wasters in his/her social circle, or someone believes that time can’t be manage, someone thought that time is not in his control, or someone set wrong time wasting standards. So, we should identify the elements and reasons which possess hurdles in managing your time. To manage your time, you overcome these hurdles and focus on your target to achieve your goals.

3. Enlist your priorities

Enlist your priorities to manage your time. It will help you to divide your time and in making a schedule. Therefore, you should make a list of task that you must done in a particular time period. Then rearrange these task or jobs in a list on the basis of their worth in your life. This list will help you to make a schedule or timetable. So, this list will eliminate hustle in your routine. You will be focus on what you are doing.

4. Identify your prime time

Most important tip in time management is identifying your prime time. What is prime time? Prime time is gold time. In prime time you will be more productive. You can work with your full energy in your prime time and complete more work in prime time as compared to other working hour. You should do your top priority task in your prime time rather doing less worthy task. So, you will be more productive. By identifying your prime time, it enables you to specify what is important for you, what task will be beneficial for you in next week or in next year.

5. Learning must include in your routine

“Idle mind is a devil workshop”. So, you should busy yourself in learning something new in your spare time. Researcher concluded that inactive persons are found to be depressed which affect their creativity and caused laziness. Furthermore, inactive persons feel themselves useless. Therefore, the enthusiasm and aim to do something may be demoralized.

6. Don’t be a robot

You must not follow a strict schedule to manage your time. You must be flexible in your routine. Because you must give your time to your family, friends and work. In a busy day you must give more time to your work as compared to your daily routine. So, you should inform your family about your work load and told them you will be late. A bad day when someone from your family get sick you should give more time to your family as compared to usual time you spend with family.

7. Be a pro-active person

You must be a pro-active person to manage your time. Being a pro-active person will help you to recognize your future needs and problems. Time management will be easy for you keeping in view these needs and problems you will face in future.

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