5 Ways To Beat Food Poisoning Sickness – First Know The Causes

What is a Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning is a sickness occurs due to eating contaminated foods and drinks with damaging bacteria or due to the contaminated foods with the chemicals called the toxins.

5 Causes of the Food Poisoning

Every year millions of the people get sick due to contaminated food items. Here are some causes of the poisoning in humans:

5 Ways To Beat Food Poisoning Sickness

1. The Bacteria and Viruses

The most common of causes of the poisoning are the viruses and Bacteria. The severity and signs of the food poisoning might change, but that depends on the type of the bacteria or the virus that has infected the food.

2. The Parasites

The Parasites are the organisms that get the food and protection from the other living organisms called the hosts. The common types of the food borne parasites include protozoa, tapeworms and round worms.

3. The Toxins, Contaninants and Mold

The Most of the food poisoning occurs due to bacteria, parasites and the viruses than the toxic elements in the food. However, sometimes the food poisoning could be caused by the natural toxins or the chemical toxins.

4. Allergens

There are some types of foods that cause an abnormal response to that food which is stimulated by the immune system of the body. These foods include: nuts, eggs, milk and seafood. These foods could cause allergic reactions.

5. During Growing the Food

The Fresh vegetables and foods could be infected if those are washed with water the contaminated water that is poisoned due to animal droppings or human manure.

How to Beat Food Poisoning?

Here are some tips to prevent the poisoning:

The Causes of Food Poisoning

◘ Clean the hands

Always wash the hands before eating food or after eating, after going to toilet. After playing with the animals or pets.

◘ Careful Cook

Ensure that the food is carefully cooked to destroy the destructive bacteria that could be present in the food.

◘ Chill the food

Chill the food in order to put a stop to bad bacteria from nourishing; the temperature of the refrigerator should be at the right temperature to remove the bacteria and keep the cold foods chilled.

◘ Separate the raw and cooked foods to prevent cross-contamination

Separate the raw and the cooked foods from storing together.

The Bacteria are found everywhere in the atmosphere however they like to focus where a food source are available therefore it is normal for the raw food to be attacked by the bacteria, some of them are harmless, however some could cause illness.


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