30 Quick Garlic Benefits for Health Conscious Busy People

Garlic benefits are a proof of the remarkable way nature has bestowed upon us ways to take care of ourselves and live a healthy and active life. Life is busy these days. In all the running behind success and wealth, health has lost its importance and has taken the role of second priority or in some cases even lower down. Under such circumstances, garlic provides us with an opportunity to take care of ourselves without consuming a lot of our time.

All that is required on our part is to include garlic in our daily diet and its effects will be miraculous. Not only is garlic very advantageous when used in culinary skills, it has many therapeutic uses as well. So if you are faced with any problem, you do not have to worry, garlic provides an in expensive and less time consuming method of dealing with many medical problems.

30 Quick Garlic Benefits

Below are listed some of the Garlic Benefits

1. Heart Protection

Garlic is an escape to this common problem. It is known to make heart stronger because of its component diallyl trisulfide which makes heart stronger and protects it during surgery.

2. Effect on Cholesterol

Garlic is known to improve blood limit profile. It does this by lowering blood triglycerides and total cholesterol levels

3. Effect on Blood Pressure

Research has proved that garlic is a very appropriate food for hypertensive patients. It reduces blood pressure by blocking the action of angiotensin (2). Garlic also leads to production of hydrogen sulfide which dilates blood vessels and aids in controlling blood pressure

4. Anti-Clotting Effect

Garlic is known to prevent blood clot formation because of the activity of ajoene present in it.

5. Effect on Homocysteine

Homocysteine is a byproduct of protein breakdown which leads to inflammation and damage of blood vessels. Garlic lowers the concentration of homocystein in body.

6. Effect on Weight

As garlic inhibits the inflammatory effects, it limits obesity by preventing the formation of fat cells which are formed by the conversion of pre-adipocytes via the inflammatory system activity.

7. Effect on Blood Sugar Level

Garlic can prove to be very beneficial for diabetic patients as it increases insulin release and regulates blood sugar level.

8.Presence of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a constituent of garlic which aids in making our immune system stronger and also initiates efficient growth of new cells.

9. Effects as Anti Bacterial and Antiviral Agent

Garlic is known to be very effective against bacteria and certain viruses. It is very potent against the action of campylobacter and one of its biggest advantages is that the bacteria do not grow resistant to it unlike other anti microbial agents.

10. Effects as An Anti Allergen

Because of its anti inflammatory activity, garlic aids the body in fighting off allergies. This is attributed to diallyl trisulfide and thiacremonone.

11. Effective in Hyperthyroid Conditions

As it is rich in iodine, garlic is therapeutic for hyperthyroid problems.

12. Effect on Iron Metabolism

Garlic increases iron metabolism by increased production of ferroportin due to diallyl trisulfide

13. Effective in Detoxification

Garlic protects the liver form damage and initiates liver to release toxins from the body.

14. Effect as Anti Oxidant

Garlic protects the body from delirious effect of oxidants and free radicals by producing anti oxidants.

15. Effect on Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury can be very hazardous for the body and thus garlic helps in their removal.

30 Quick Garlic Benefits for Health Conscious

16. Effective Therapy of Food Poison

Garlic is an excellent prophylaxis for bacteria which induce food poisoning including E.coli.

17. Effect on Cold

Garlic is very effective in preventing cold and also in curing it]

18. Effect on Psoriasis

Rubbing garlic oil on the affected area of psoriases provides relief and leads to removal of rash and roughness.

19. Effect on splinter

A way to relieve pain in cases of splinter is to place a piece of garlic over sliver and cover it with bandage.

20. Effect on Fungal Infection

Garlic helps fight off warts and other fungal infection. It is effective against athlete’s foot.

21. Effect on Cold Sores

Garlic helps in reducing the swelling and pain of cold sores. Rub a piece of garlic over the affected area.

22. Effect on Osteoarthritis

A diet rich in garlic leads to decreased chances of osteoarthritis.

23. Effect on Cancer Prevalence

The use of garlic has been known to reduce the risk of many cancer including lung cancer and prostate hypertrophy.

24. Effect on Ear Infections

In case of ear infection, wrap a piece of garlic in tissue and insert it in ear. It provides immediate relief from pain and also clears the infection.

25. Effect on Tooth Aches

It helps in relieving pain in tooth aches

26. Presence of Vitamin C

Garlic is rich in vitamin c which leads to prevention of scurvy

27. Effect on Acne

Because of its anti bacterial effect, garlic is really effective remedy for the acne

28. Effect on Hairs

It effectively treats the problem of hair loss.

29. As Mosquito Repellant

Garlic repels mosquito and thus provides barrier from many diseases.

30. Effect on Stress

Garlic is known to assist with mood swings and thus enhance feeling of happiness and well being

Garlic is indeed a gift on nature. This little product enables to carry on with our daily work and routine without any hindrance. Garlic benefits really help us live our life without any problems and prove to be magical in difficult situations. All the health conscious people can take care of their health without having to utilize too much time or money.

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