20 Best Dark Chocolates By World Wide Gourmets for Chocoholics

Dark Chocolate is now believed to be the rare chocolate in the world with having no comparison to all other chocolates. This becomes the most demanding snack for chocolate lovers. The main quality of that brand is taste, which is just amazing and none of the other chocolates can beat dark chocolate taste. It is also being researched that this chocolate has many healthy benefits for the human being. This chocolate has more amount of cocoa than any other brand of chocolate makers.

Top 20 Dark Chocolates By World Wide Gourmets

There is a list of 20 best Dark Chocolates around the World

1. Valrhona

In 1922, the career of Valrhona was started with the creation of outstanding chocolate. With their quality products, they select and purchase from choice plantation as Cocoa beans. They supplied to South America and Pacific Ocean and the great Caribbean. Valrhona is the best chocolate maker company in the list of few best French chocolate makers of today.

2. Cote D’Or

This chocolate brand was founded in 1883 by one and only Mr. Charles Neuhaus. The public of Belgian used 600 million Cote D’Or products in one year.

3. Guittard

An American based chocolate company which is expert in making couverture chocolates. They are using the real method and formulae for making chocolates in French style. The company is located in California.

4. Scharffen Berger

This chocolate is produced by Artisan Confections Company. The company was founded to make some chocolate stuff from bean to bar. Chocolate bars are very famous of Scharffen Berger.

5. Lindt

This is an awesome Swiss Chocolate with products like 70% cacao and also 85% cacao bars.  They are also producing 90% Cacao and 99% Cacao.

6. Galler

Galler is serving the world with chocolates from 1976. They specially produce chocolate bars which are very popular in the world and like a lot.

7. Plantations

This chocolate company was born out by two rugby players. They are producing chocolates in Europe and USA from 1985. Their first product was launched in 1997.

8. Ghirardelli

This is United States Company and founded in 1852. This is the second aged company of chocolate in US. Their famous products are 72% Cacao and 86% Cacao Chocolate bars. There is some stuff available in small squares too.

9. Michel Cluziel

This company is producing high quality chocolates in state of French from the year 1948.

10. Godiva

This company was founded in Belgium in the year 1926. Their famous chocolates are 72% Cacao Chocolate Bars. They have also some stuff as 85% Cacao.

World wide best Dark Chocolates

11. Dolfin

This was founded on 1989 with aim to produce different type of chocolates. They have fantastic taste with great quality.

12. L’Artigiano

This bakery was started in 1962 in Terra Del Sole. The founders of this company started from small bakery and now are world recognized gourmets.

13. Bonnnat

Chocolate Bonnat was established in 1884 in small town of france. They are having 75% dark chocolates and 65 % milk chocolates.

14. Pralus

This company was invented by Praluline. Pralus opened up his first shop in Roanne in 1948.

15. Dagoba

This company was established in 2001 by Frederick Schiling. They have great dark chocolates with great quality.

16. Cuba Venchi

This is an Italian chocolate company which was established in 1878. They have wide variety of chocolates.

17. Green & Black

This is a UK based company owned by Kraft Foods and having rich amount of chocolate products.

18. El Rey

This Chocolate company has old manufacturers in the country Venezuelan.

19. Slitti

This company is not much famous in public but they are producing rich and pure dark chocolates in the market.

20. Valor

This is Philippines Company with having experience of running the chocolate market since 1881.

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