10 Ways to Make Best Protien Shake For Wieght Loss

Best Protien Shake For Wieght Loss

Having so much weight makes your confidence level down that means weight is inversely proportional to confidence level so, keep you fit and healthy by losing your extra weight.

Reducing weight means to overcome your extra calories by reducing total body mass. It’s comparatively easy to get over- weight but getting in shape is story of strength n determination. Watching your diet and hitting gym are hard to be regular with. Shedding weight can be easy assisting your workout with protein shakes as meal substitute. A survey was done resulting that these shakes really help reduce your extra pounds efficiently.

Protein shake contain powdered protein extracted during processing cheese and soybeans. Soy or whey protein powders mixed with omega-3 and fiber keeps you full for a long time and help burn your calories. REMEMBER! These shakes are food supplements not to be taken other than meals.

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How To Make Protein Shake?

You can use different protein powders according to your taste or according to calories. Whey powder has 100 calories and 25g of protein per serving and soy powder is for those who are allergic with milk products having 20 calories and 5g of protein. Mix these protein powders with different ingredients to make a tasty and healthy shakes.

  1. Mixing protein powder with half a banana, some cubes of ice and ½ cup milk or water makes a taste shake. If you like you can also add peanut butter as it’s also an aid in shedding weight and also taste great.
  2. Adding frozen berries in milk and whey powder along with yogurt is great combination to be taken as food supplement.
  3. Protein powder together with vanilla yogurt, a touch of coffee and milk makes Mocha smoothie for efficient weight loss.
  4. Adding some nuts and apple in milk with some ice and powdered protein is best for breakfast smoothie.
  5. Add ginger, papaya, and mint for better digestive system.
  6. You can have a protein shake mix with different healthy fruits and vegetables.
  7. Avoiding ice-cream, simply add protein powder in milk with some ice cubes, and enjoy having this chilled shake while watching a TV or a movie.
  8. If you love the taste of chocolate, you can add up chocolate syrup over protein shake.
  9. Make sure to use such things which are healthier and low in calories to avoid getting extra weight.
  10. Protein powder with a mixture of milk, strawberry, vanilla essence, ice cubes and nuts have a yum taste.

These were some of the protein shakes for weight loss. Try it, if you are having an extra weight and want to get rid over it. These shakes are low in calories but have sufficient protein and other needed vitamins to cover your body craving and weakness.

Having any questions in mind will make you confuse, so put these questions out of your mind by asking or sharing with us. Thanks!

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