10 Things To Know Before Going For Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is considered the safest procedure done today to resolve refractive problems like myopia, hypermytropia and astigmatism. It has several advantages but is also associated with several risks. There are certain things you should know about before going for Lasik eye surgery. List of 10 such things are given below:

◘ 1.

The surgeon who is performing this procedure have a big part in making it successful so make sure the surgeon you chose is board certified, experienced opthmologist who is ready to answer any question you have about the procedure.

◘ 2.

You should have in detail the exact knowledge of the procedure that is the kind of anesthesia used, steps of the process, the approximate time consumed during the surgery and maximum time before which the results are insured.

10 Things To Know Before Going For Lasik Eye Surgery

◘ 3.

Exact refractive problem you are suffering from should be known as the initial problem is the base of planning the surgery and prediction of outcomes. For example myopic’s are more likely to need more than one surgery for the complete correction of their problem.

◘ 4.

Not everyone is eligible for the Lasik. People whose perception changes more than one diopter per year, pregnant and nursing mothers, people with chronic and untreated eye diseases such as those with Sjögren’s syndrome and users of certain medications are considered bad candidates and are more prone to develop long term complications then others so you should know where you stand before going for surgery.

◘ 5.

No matter how experienced the surgeon is or how perfect technology is used for the performance of procedure no one can guarantee 20/20 vision for sure. It is very much possible that you will have to where your glasses or use your contact lenses even after the surgery so it’s better to expect the odds and not raise too much hope.

Lasik Eye Surgery - Some points to know

◘ 6.

Presbiopia is also a refractive error but it is caused due to loss of elasticity of cillary muscles with old age. This is a condition which is not correctable by Lasik and the patients with previous Lasik surgery are at as much risk of developing presbyopia as those who had perfectly normal vision throughout their life.

◘ 7.

The post surgical care should be completely understood beforehand, which is fortunately not too hard to do. Compliance of this care is necessary to ensure proper healing of cornea and prevention of development of complications.

◘ 8.

There are other laser treatments available so it’s better to fully know and understand other options as well before going for Lasik.

Lasik Eye Surgery is better than contact lens

◘ 9.

It is a possibility that the corneal surface be altered in a way that you might never be able to wear contact lenses ever again not even for cosmetic purpose.

◘ 10.

Before going for Lasik you should be aware of potential risk factors as most of the surgeons over-sell the advantages of this procedure. You can be left with double vision, impaired visual acuity, chronic eye pain and fatigue which are mostly transient but can also be permanent. Not only is this but there always some chance that the treatment do not work at all.

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