10 Points About Social Relationships – How to Make Friends?

The era that we are now living in demands high level of social relationships. Maybe, because the world cannot go anywhere without bonding. Now how can we really go bond when people really don’t even give the slightest hint of, kindness probably? This is too derogatory I know, but I mean throughout all my life, I have basically encountered people who maybe were kind from the inside, but their outside showed a sultry attitude that wasn’t too appealing when it came to being friends. And we exactly know that we cannot survive without friends, even though the word goes as that friend is mere a declaration. But what I believe in is that we can’t live without them either.

10 Points About Social Relationships – How to Make Friends

At times, family and siblings can just be too bossy and judgmental and can annoy you to an extent where you want to commit but friends come to your rescue and take you to the world where you dream to live in. Because they tend to understand your desires as they also face the same stuff every day or are probably in the same satirical situations. So the question that really arises here is, how can we make friends?  No one would really walk up to you and say, ‘Oh hey, it’s Fred, I was just wondering if we could be friends?’ Yeah well, that can only happen if you’re a gorgeous young girl and are sitting all alone in some coffee shop. Let’s just come back to reality, Fred is just looking for a date not for a friend! When in search for a friend, people usually sit back and visualize the outcomes and then probably go for the call, and that takes weeks, months or even years. I could’ve said centuries, but nobody really lives out to be a hundred.

We all are hesitant towards something in life; some people hesitate to confront things, some dither to be in social gatherings while some waver in making friends. The latter is quite mainstream. While hesitating in making friends, we are anxious from the inside about what may happen while trusting someone out of the blue, and that provokes out instability in our life. So if you want to know how to make friends, you’re up for the right place as I’ll explicate some points over this. Read along to get over your hesitancy, shyness and trouble in making friends, and remember once you’re over it, you owe me a coffee!
10 Points About Social Relationships

Hey! Mr./Ms Popular Social Bud, 10 Things to Know Y-E-S for You

1) Get Over that Shyness

Yes, get over it. You’re not an alien from Mars, now are you? And people won’t look up to you as that either. Normally, people always admire confident and easy going people. Shyness can be a huge turn off if you’re a guy, and want to befriend a girl whereas on the other hand, a shy girl may get a lot of men but again, you want friends not Fred!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Get over the shyness

2) Look Approachable

Sometimes, we have such fiery expressions or dull body language that people tend to move way and restrict themselves while trying to be around us. That creates a weary environment and such environments never promote friendship rather they create waves of intense disliking and peculiarity. So whenever around people, be confident, act friendly and smile. Also, do not avoid someone while they are trying to talk or are making an effort to impress you.
10 Points About Social Relationships – Look Approachable

3) Be Socially Active

Visit places, meet new people and attend social meetings. Don’t always refuse to parties; sometimes it’s always good to attend such events. This way, you get to be in the eyes of the people around you and get to build your image that often leads to interaction between new people leading to remarkable friendships. So if you have a wedding this weekend or a little get together, ensure your presence!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Be Socially Active

4) Show Your Skills

Yeah, show them. If you’re particularly good at something, flaunt it. That might impress a few, and bring them closer to you. Talent never goes unappreciated. Hence if you are good at painting, mind reading or singing, you might as well flaunt it to others!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Show Your Skills

5) Start a Conversation

Don’t always look up to others to start a decent conversation. You can talk to anyone, the librarian, the shopkeeper, your classmate, anyone! Start with general remarks and be sure not to say something offensive. Like, ‘Hey, I like your dress!’. Or maybe, ‘You look good, where did you get this scarf from?’ And once the conversation takes a high, introduce yourself and if you feel so, exchange numbers!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Start a Conversation

6) TALK. TALK. TALK. But Don’t Piss Them Off

You need to talk once in a while. Don’t always look towards others to approach you, sometimes you need to make the move. But make sure that you listen to them too and keep it an equal conversation. Usually when one person keeps on babbling, the other really gets pissed off and tries to avoid being in such a quirky situation with someone again. Hence, it’s a no to friendship!

10 Points About Social Relationships – TALK. TALK. TALK. But Don’t Piss Them Off

7) Be Helpful

Everyone likes people who are down to earth and helpful. If someone just dropped their books, or your next door neighbor that you never talked to is doing the chores, you might help him today for a change? Your friendly and helpful attitude is the first step towards making friends wherever you go. So this time if you see someone who needs help, rush and try to be the first one, that might gain you a friend for life!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Be Helpful

8) Be Reliable

People will only befriend you if you’re reliable and trustworthy. Nobody is going to trust you with their secrets and issues if you’re a backbiter or are not good at keeping secrets. So learn to keep your mouth tightly zipped when someone tells you a secret!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Be Reliable

9) Be Honest, Upfront And a Good Adviser

Try to be honest, tell your friend if something doesn’t look good on them or if they are making some mistake, but whenever you’re doing that try not to be offensive. Also, give honest and upfront advices. If you are a good adviser, people will come to you more often and rely on you more than anyone.

10 Points About Social Relationships – Be Honest, Upfront And a Good Adviser

10) Stay in Contact

Once you’ve made a friend, stay in contact. Add them on Facebook, have parties or small get-together so that you guys stay in touch and get to exchange ideas on your day to day matters. Never leave them alone when they are facing some issue or you’d never be considered as a good friend. Always be available, give time to your friend and help them. As it goes, ‘a friend in need, is a friend indeed,’ hence never let your friend down if they count on you and trust you! So reminisce these few easy steps whenever around people and say hello to friendship! Good luck!

10 Points About Social Relationships – Stay in Contact

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